Thursday, 3 September 2009

Supply and Demand in the defecation industry

I've heard this blogging thing is all the rage, so I'm going to try it out. I have a bit more spare time as it happens; due to someone spiking my food with immodium I have been out of SquitterAction for a few days. Thus my poopalicious productivity has declined somewhat. I've heard that in general there is a bit of an economic slowdown at the moment, so I suppose that it was inevitable that my "doing my business" would be affected by this alleged downturn.

However in general my activity is quite contrarian to popular economics. My product (pooping on people's driveways and lawns) is definitely not in demand, and supply has been plentiful (up till now). Usually, surplus supply with little demand would mean you're out of business, but due to my ingenuity I have completely disrupted the traditional laws of economics. My business is totally unaffected by demand... humans get my product whether they like it or not. One of my neighbours, Hans, is ex special forces, and I think his little immodium trick is his seemingly clever way of restricting supply. Little does he know that I am on to him, and revenge will be sweet. And for him somewhat sticky too....

Murhaaaa haa ha! ha ha ha!!

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